Getting homeMature


I pushed my way carefully through the sparse undergrowth, stopping only briefly to wipe the blood off the wakizashi blade with my lab coat and shove it back into its case in my bag. I checked the magazine of the gun the doctor had handed me as I rested for a moment against the outer wall: it should have held nine rounds, two of which I had fired, but there was only six bullets left. The last space was filled by a tightly rolled bit of paper. I decided that this was not the best situation for reading and, having got my breath back, I quickly scaled the wall and dropped down to the street on the other side.

The road was empty, but this wasn't unusual, this was quite a quiet area of town. I began to run again, keeping an eye out for any possible threats, and I managed to make it back to my apartment without incident. I had a few 9mm rounds in my room that I occasionally used in the University range, and an ammo pack from my unit back home. I grabbed these and shoved them in my bag quickly along with a medkit and a dry ration pack. If they knew who I was, then it wouldn't be long before they found my flat. Not waiting for conformation, I leapt out onto the fire escape and, walked as quietly as possible down, taking out Dr Harvey's note as I did.

"Find Robert Carter. He should know what's going on."

'Robert Carter?' I thought, 'Where have I heard that before?'

Suddenly, I heard voices. I pressed myself up against the wall of the building and froze.
"How do I turn the shower on?"
I knew that voice, I had heard it on the news or something.
Then, suddenly, I remembered just where I knew that name from.

The End

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