Clara: SuicidalMature

"Please tell me your not serious Jack." I stood in front of his desk.

"I never joke"

"We can't do that and you know it! It will be suicidal, you can't send us in there. You can't."

"Your job is to protect national security" he said sternly "and this man" he looked down at a confidential file "Robert Carter might be a threat."

"Have you got any proof?"

"We have intelligence that he was trying to buy a bomb."

"That has nothing to do with us Jack. He is an American citizen and the Americans should deal with it, not us."

"But we also have information on calls from him to someone in the UK. That means us."

"We can't go under the radar, especially in America that will wreck our ‘special' relationship with them forever and if they find us on their soil were finished, there will be uproar. We can't go with any equipment and we'll all have to go in different stages, and even that's too risky, the CIA already know what we look like as they work in this bloody building too. We can't do it Jack! There my friends out there."

"We don;t have friends in this line of work, we only have people we would die for. You need to find a way Clara, we need information and quickly."

"Fine. I want Linkin Park - Leave out All the Rest."


"At my damn memorial service!" I said turning on my heel I stormed out of the room.

The End

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