I looked in through the window to see her kneeling next to the wall, listening.

I slipped through the window.

"You're letting yourself slip Daisy." I smirked. She turned round.

"Will you shut up and listen to this Cher you nutter!"

I crouched near her. Daisy and I had helped each other out in some of our more difficult assignments, and I wanted her help on this one. not that I would ask. I'd trick her in to helping, like usual. I never asked.

Through the wall I could hear a conversation going on, and the running of a shower. And then...Robert Carter. He was just next door. It would be so easy just to slip through and kill him. But no, there were two others by the sound of it, and I did always like to form a 'relationship' with my target to get under their guard before I followed through with my assignment. I hadn't yet decided on my plan. Mybe if he ventured out he could 'bump' in to me and help me with my stuff.

Or maybe I could deliever something, and get him talking. Either way, I would talk to him before I killed him.  In a job that meant you couldn't get too close to anyone, a fake relationship was the closest I could get.

Daisy shifted, breaking my train of thought.

"Now, what do you want?"

The End

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