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Rose Quartz

"Well Cindy's quite a fighter...... well that was until....." I look at her and she waves it off.

"Tell him its not gonna make any difference" she mutters then goes to her bed.

"Her sister was mudered" I tell him. "Oh and here" I walk in and turn the tap hidden to the left. "Thats how"

Then I go out and go over to Cindy. "You okay?"

"Yeah...... I mean I'll always miss her but I have to get over it sooner or later right?" She looks at me and all I can do is nod.

"I'm sure it will. Your sister had a large spirit I'm sure if theres an afterlife she's watching over you now" I mutter.

Cindy nods. Then the taps turn off. "I need a towel" comes a call.

"Top cupboard" Me and Cindy shout at the same time then begin to laugh.

"I'll always help you C" I say patting her back. "Anyway, FBI snob been following all day. Talk about persistant"

I move over to the desk and switch on the computer. "I haven't got any clean clothes" Robert yells.

"I'll fetch some from Denise across the hall" Cindy says. She goes out returning moments later with a t-shirt, trousers and boxers.

Facing backwards she opens the bathroom door and tosses them in before closing it. "Rose, are you sure about keeping him here?" Cindy asks. "I know I said it wouldn't be a problem but........"

"I know what you mean" I mutter.

The End

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