I'm an enemy?!Mature


" Now what are you doing here, Robert Carter? At the moment your at the tob of the FBI's hitlist. They're even going as low as to recruit ex criminals....... Well just me."  Quartz says. My eyes go wide at me being on the top of the hitlist for the FBI.  The ex-criminal part normally would bother me enough, but it was nothing to being most wanted in the country or even world.

" Well what are you doing here? You nearly just stepped out in front of an FBI agent"  Miss Quartz says breaking the soreality.

" Running. This is going to sound stupid but erm, I don't think I did anything like killing people. It has to be a mistake!" I say. She looked floored.

" No, its definetly your face. There is no point in lying Robert, I'm not going to turn you in." A man holding a paper walks by  may first. I could swear last thing before my rude awakening it was april. My eyes go wide again. Somehow I lost three weeks, and did something so big , the world would like to find me.

" This is crazy but somehow, forgot the the last few weeks. What have I done." I say finally standing, " Can you be kind enough to tell me?"  I ask knowing I probably sounded crazy. She sighs.

" You sound crazy but by the looks of it you need a place to crash. But let me assure you do anything strange. I will...."

" Beat me?"  I put

" Something on those lines."  says

" I only caught you last name. What is your first." I say as we walk discretly through the streets.

" My name is Rose." She replies

" Oh, I guess you already know who I'am." I say looking onto the road. 

We get to an apartment. Rose takes a sniff into the air.

" You reek of blood I suggest you take a shower." 

"Um I guess so." I say looking at my horrible dirty clothing.

" Your going to have to tell me what I've done?" I say looking for the bathroom. When I find it I look completly baffeled on how to turn it on. I think the doors open and I hear Rose say a few words and another womens voice.

" How do I turn the shower on?" I ask.

A short girl me with light green eyes appears behind me. She look a little astonished.  Then Rose appears beside her.

" Sorry but I really couldn't leave him out there. He claims to have lost his memory."  Rose says before either of us open our mouths.

" I can go, if you want." I mutter.

" No I think you better stay.  Theres a few cops around." She says.

" I'm not sure how I became a criminal but I know for a fact isn't it bad to be harbouring criminals?"

" I don't think it matters much. I harboured Rose before."  She says.




The End

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