Today had started quite well.
I had woken up on time (for once), had a leisurely breakfast, realised that this had taken up too much time and had to run to the lab (again). I met up with my friend Will, who greeted me with his now-familiar, 'Hey, limey!' and we walked through the huge biological sciences building to Dr Harvey's lab, where we parted as he took off to the library to grab a book he needed for the next part of his thesis, agreeing to meet later to discuss my latest collector's item: a genuine Japanese wakizashi, in near mint condition.

I walked into the lab, and from then until now, nothing has gone as had planned. Dr Harvey had been acting a little oddly recently, which is why I didn't really think much of it when he appeared looking flustered and worried, but as soon as he reached me, I could tell that something was wrong. The greatest indicator of this was that, before saying anything, he pulled a handgun from a holster underneath his labcoat, and handed it to me, whispering:
"For the love of God, don't let them catch you!"
"Wha-?" I took a step back, almost dropping the gun,
"They'll be here any moment! Oh, I should never have dragged you into this..."
"Dragged me into what? I'm doing a thesis on genetic mutations in ameoba! What are you on abou-"

Again I was cut off, this time by gunfire. I recognised the sound: suppressed submachine gun rounds. Almost silent, unless you know what you're listening for. The window of the glass door to the lab shattered, and several black-suited men burst through, firing as they came. Harvey was between me and them when the first shots came through, and so I was covered for a few seconds, and just managed to leap behind a metal water bath before he fell and the shots began ringing around my ears. I looked the gun Harvey had pushed into my hand: SIG Sauer P225, 9mm, semi-automatic. No match for submachine guns, even suppressed ones. I looked around desperately. To my right, at the end of a row of lab benches, were the huge windows, looking out of the small area of scrub-like forest that separated the university buildings from the rest of civilisation. If I could make it there I might have a chance.

Taking a deep breath, I broke cover, firing two shots at the nearest of the black figures who were advancing across the laboratory floor, hitting one directly in the chest and missing the other, before diving behind the bench. Running crouched, I raced along, head down, along the aisle, test tubes bursting above me as the men returned fire, plumes of coloured smoke spilled down behind me as a few of the more interesting chemicals came in contact with the air. Firing at the window quickly reduced it to a waterfall of glass shards, but just before I reached it, a figure appeared at the end of the row, blocking my exit. Without thinking twice, I reached into my shoulder satchel and leapt forwards, swinging up the wakizashi in a vicious slice before the man could turn and raise his gun or defend himself. Blood sprayed up, I vaulted the body and flung myself out of the first floor window and landed heavily in the foliage below.

Which is where I find myself now. The men above shot a few rounds down, but couldn't see me. Now I need to get out of this place before they come down and find me.

The End

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