God why cant they just leave me alone!, i hear the guy behind me panting, chasing after me in his heavy black boots. "Stop!" he shouts but i ignore him, closing my eyes and carrying on running, i run faster with my eyes closed. "STOP!!!!" he shouts this time with more panic in his voice i stop and open my eyes, and i am standing with my feet hanging over the edge of a very tall building, i look back and now that i have stoped the guy behind me carrys on running, i can see the edge of the other building infront of me, its a fair leap away but i think i can make it, i jump and i land safly on the other building, YES!

 i look back and laugh at the man standing helplessly on the edge of the other building deciding whether to make the jump or not. I start running again jumping from building to building, i love being up here there is so much air. i finally come across a door ontop of one of the roofs that will take me down into the flats below me. i turn the handle, damn it! its locked. I pull my slide out of my long blonde hair letting it fall loosly over my sholder, and start to pick the lock, finally it undos and i walk down the stairs. i soon realise that i am actually in a flat from all the doors with numbers on them, my flat infact, well... one of umm. i smile, what luck! i find my room and open the door and i am greeted by a very happy Milo (my pet rottwieler) my partner in crime, i go into the kitchen and fill up his bowl with his manky days old dog food and then pull a sandwich out my back pack, wich is also moldy, but i really couldnt care less, doing all the jobs i have done over the years i have built up an imunity to poisened food and i sit down on the sofa to eat it, i lean back against the wall and hear a quite conversation in the room next to me and i decide to eavs drop.

The End

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