I walk in the shadows so noone can see me you see cops are after me but more importantly after Robert so if I just pretend I'm not guilty they shouldn't expect anything. I have been hiding for 2 weeks now, after about 2 years then I can go out without hassle they will forget... I hope. I have freinds I can stay with but not anyplace I should go now exept for a motel I mean they dont ask anyone anything about goin to a motel room.

I saw the cops right in front of me I have to turn around but they're behind me too. So I turn into an alley way and before they can see me I jump into the sewer pipes and close the steel lid thing. I've been in here so many times I just about know my way around lucky they have side path things because otherwise I'd be covered with cr ap literally and my balance is pretty good too. Lucky I have a ton of clothes to change into at my motel room... Partly because I stole them so their isn't a range of things just a hoodie, about 10 tank tops and 10 baggy jeans.

I was just walking when I heard some talking above me. I recognized one of the voices.. It was Robert.

The End

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