My hands are in my pockets as I am walking down the dark alleyways.

"Hey hey Cindy. We's a girl like you doing here?" I roll my light green eyes at the drunk guy in front of me. "Geff, I'm going home. Move." He smiles at me, I scrunch up my nose. I can smell his alcoholic breath from here.

I walk past him, putting my hood up. "C'mon Cindy Cross, you never used to be this patient with people like me. Go on, punch me!" He slurred behind me. If only I was that person again, I'll snap his neck in seconds! But I'm not. Not anymore. I keep walking, trying to get home as quickly as I can.

"What's wrong? Not fighting no more since Callie was murdered?" I stop in my tracks at my sisters name, anger filling my viens. I turn back and smack Geff into a wall. "Don't you dare talk about her!" I snarl in his fat face. He smiles.

"You haven't changed. Just think how Callie would feel. Wait, she's dead!" He starts laughing and I can't help it, I kick him in the stomache hard, he starts coughing up blood and vomit. Not nice.

 I quickly run through the alleyway before I can do anymore damage. I'm angry, really angry. I've made it to my flat and open the door and rush over to the opunching bag. I start to hit it again and again, letting out my anger.

"You're back." I turn and see the shocked expression on my roommates face. I shrug. "Yeah, I am. What you hiding Rose?" I stare into her electric blue eyes, trying to find out what she's hiding. She shrugs.

"How do I turn the shower on?" I raise my eye brows up at her and she shakes her head. I push past her and see a skruffy man that everyone is talking about, Robert Carter.

The End

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