"Now, what have you got to say for yourself?"

"Ok, Idid it." Stephan Gregoritz's head slumped down on to his chest. Then it suddenly snapped back up. "But you don't have proof. And you never will. I made sure of it."

"Oh, I just needed to know whether you sent it or not. That bomb caused the deaths of millions Mr Gregoritz, and we can't have dangerous people like that in this country can we?"

"Look lady, I don't know who you work for, but I refuse to be treated..."

"Oh, I don't work for anyone in particular. Someone pays me to do a job, I do it. That's the way I work. And all I have to do now is finish the job."

"What you gonna do, report me?" he said sarcastically.

 Snap. Stephan Gregoritz fell sideways, his neck snapped. "Oops." i said smiling. Picking up my coat, I slipped it over the sexy outfit which had allowed me to get in to Stephan's private rooms, and grabbed my bag from the side. Attatching a hooked rope to the window I leapt out, falling swiftly down to the docks below. Flicking a switch, the hook recoiled and I set off, alone.


Ring ring


"I have a job for you."

"A hit?"

"Robert Carter. The notes are in your normal place." The line went dead.

Slipping out of my apartment I ran down several streets, keeping in the dark. Pulling out the brick from a wall near the highstreet I grabbed the small envelope inside and then disappeared back to my house to read.

The End

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