Final AnswerMature

Rose Quartz

"For the last time No" I hiss at him. "That's my Final answer. I'm not joining the FBI just because you cant catch some guy"

"Miss Quartz, you do understand if you joined us it would help your criminal record" The man says leaning forward.

I undo then tie back my straight midnight black hair once again. "I dont care about my record. I did my time and paid extra. Now leave me alone" I hiss then stand up.

I storm down the side walk my Dr Martins feeling light on my feet, my loose jeans allowing me to walk with ease. Then my black top covered by leather jacket comfortable and keeping me warm.

"Miss Quartz, this is an opportunity of a life time" he says. I glare at him with my electric blue eyes.

"Are you on duty?" I ask.

"No" he says simply. I punch in the stomach, catch his head and slam it into my knee then I allow him to fall to the pavement.

I continue to walk down the street and take a back alley. Great, I'm probably gonna get minor assault...... maybe bigger but....

Smack. "Hey, watch it" I say stepping back. I look up and gawk. Its the man in the photo the one they're trying to hire me to catch.

"Robert Carter" I gasp.

"Yeah, why?"

"Miss Quartz" Comes a call.

"Hide" I shove him behind a set of dustbins and turn to face the man from the FBI.

"You just assaulted me" he says holding his bleeding nose.

"That I did" I say simply. "Gonna call me in" The man shakes his head then laughs and I raise an eyebrow.

"They said you were a tough cookie Miss Quartz but I didn't realise until now what they meant and I'm not giving up" The man turns and walks away. I moan then turn to face the man, Robert.

"Now, what you doing her Robert Carter?" I say. "At the moment your at the top of the FBI's list. Their even going as low to try and recruit ex-criminal's..... well just me"

The End

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