Picking up the piecesMature

Robert Carter has forgotten the last few weeks of his life. He finds himself with a dangerouse crowd. No one is one his side people want to kill him , and he has no clue why. A few people robert runs into a few people who seem willing to help him, but he can;t be sure if they are out to catch him or not.

My life has been boring all of my life its never really changed. I went to school for 18 years of my life then moved to another jail like place. An office building, I never thought I would amount to anything, or make an impact world wide. Cause pain, help those unheard voices that get lost in the crowd of selffishness, and more is to come what I have set emotion is on the verge of something much bigger. I would never have known that I could do such things. I also don't know how I did all those things.


A day earlier

I wake up vision blurred a raging head, and to boot a Knife sticking out of my leg. It hurt like hell. I rubbed my eyes slowly coming out of the groggieness.  The room becomes much clearer. The room is caked with blood , filled with variouse broken things such as chairs, tables, coat hangers, appliances.  To add to my odd surprise I see a few bodies laying in pools of blood.  I feel sick at the sight , and full of fear.  I couldn't barf there wasn't anything in my stomach to bring up.  What has happened? How could I be here? Where am I?  None of these question could be answered. I could only a imagine it being a bad joke or something, but the smell and the sight was as real as it gets.

I panic but keep my voice down as I turn pale and curl my legs up to only make the knife sticking into it deeper.

" Ahhhhh!" I cry as blood begins to poor from the wound. 

I grab the Knife and pull it out of my leg with much pain.  I know for a fact I`m not some bad assed marine or Navy seal who could take pain. The blood from the wound begins to bleed profusively. In all my boring life never thought learning first aid would ever help me. I wrap the wound up tightly  with some ripped material beside me. I try to stand avoiding the horrid look of the place. I could stand but my leg hurt a bunch. It wanted me to slump back down on the wall.  I resisted the urge , and think of my situation. Where is my cellphone? I check my pockets I don't find a cell phone but a 9  mm glock in my jacket pocket.  It had its safety on, and a full clip. "How did that get there? Wait what happened to my usual boring office wear." I say looking at a combat vest with a leather Jacket and dark pants. 

" What? This is gotta be a bad joke? Okay guys you can give it up Now!" I say into the broken room.   The door burst opens it was a police officer his pistol held up at my face.

" Robert Carter you are under arrest, for the death of  several political figures, disturbing the peace , and a long list of acts!" He shouts the pistol now held at my forehead.

" I would never do such a thing! What are you on about?!" I yell in complete surprise.

" What?"

I didn't even think about it as my left hand twitches and the police officers has a knife slipped between his ribs.  More officers break into the room. I dropped the 9 mm in fear , and in confusion.

" We should kill this bastard and piss on his corpse." One spits holding a shot gun only 2 feet in front of me.

" I swear , I did none of this! Please you've got the wrong man, I just work in an office!" I plead.  Gunfire rings through the house bullets killing the officers. I pick the glock up and run.

The End

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