The DeepMature

There are things lurking down there. Down in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean, beyond the reach of even the most hardy submarines and far-reaching cameras. Somewhere beyond the sight of humans, thousands upon thousands of nameless horrors lurk in the shadowy caverns and bottomless abysses of the deep.

Some have eyes that can detect their prey from a mile away, while some have no eyes at all. Some have teeth so big they cannot even close their mouths, while others trail whispy, delicate lines of poison behind them as they drift in the darkness. Some will lie in wait for hours and lure their victims towards them with innocently flickering lights dangling inches from their maws. Some lay tripwires and wait on the sea bottom, perfectly disguised in the blackness.

But it is not these known horrors that haunt my nightmares.

No, what I fear are the other things, the ones that no man has ever seen. I fear the monsters of the unknown, those shapeless, nameless monstrosities that slither and glide through the darkest caverns of my mind. I have no fear of an enemy I can identify, but these, these creatures could be anything.

I do not fear the monsters that we see.

I fear the ones we do not.

The End

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