Happiness filled me, it shone within every crevice and shadow that was normally dominated by the hopless, evil and dark demon self that craved nothing but obscene negativity.
Seeing Tristan had made my heart stutter in something that felt akin to love, the emotion that all humans seem to fawn over and yearn for foolishly.
Yet, I was riding such a positive high that the thought of seeing Lucas to perfom evil deeds for him made me sigh in exhasperation.
Usually, I thrived on nothing more than the misery of others, the blood of my enemies and the orders from my fearless and powerful leader.
I puffed out a sigh and strode into Lucas's office.
"Dankia, about time you showed up. I have a new task for you to perform." Lucas said to me as he sat frowing at his computer.
I moved over to the seats in front of his desk and plopped down into one with another sigh.
"What is it?" I asked him warily. Lucas looked at me and grinned.
"I need you to go sort out some of the other demons, there seems to be a power struggle going on between two fledglings, I need you to kill them both." I stared at Lucas and let his words sink in.
"You want me to kill kin?" I asked him; shocked. He nodded and tapped various keys on this keyboard. 
"You know what happens when lower demons think that they can gain power when they have no right to it. They must be deposed of quickly before others get the same idea." Lucas shot me a bland look. "You of all people should know what happens when there is a power stuggle in Hell Danika. Fix it before it gets out of hand." He ordered me.
Frustration welled within me. Lucas was right of course.
Nothing good ever came from power struggles, all it did was spill blood and weaken allies. Hell couldn't afford to lose any more soldiers because of their greed.
With a grimace tightening my features, I got to my feet and headed toward the door.
"And the next time you see Tristan, tell him I said hello." Lucas said to my retreating form.
My back stiffened but I continued walking. Of course Lucas would know about Tristan, after all, he is the one the still guarded his true demonic form.

                                                                        *         *        *

The change from human to demon always sent a ripple of various sensations skating through my body. My muscles thickened and bulged, my skin darkened to an inky purple and as rough as a lizards skin. My teeth sharped and eyes change to the colour of a glowing violet colour. Power sizzled through me, pumping through my veins, filling me with energy.
I rolled my shoulders and cracked my neck as I strolled into the deep carvern that housed some of the lower demons and their archdemons.
Nothing but silence greeted me, nothing but the echoing silence.
I sighed for what felt like the thousandth time that night. This was going to be a very long and bloody night.

The End

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