Danika didn't want me to leave and neither did I but even though I had wanted to go back to hers with her I couldn't. Waking up at the real Tristan being in Danika's bed would have scared the shit out of him.

Even now as I struggled against the rising light to keep hold on the body I could feel his panic ready to rise. He didn't know what had happened he never did and he didn't dare try to find out in fear he'd end up like his Dad.

Going mentally insane. His father had been tormented by another demon. A weakness in his gene which allowed for the shared soul. A trait passed down from father to son which had allowed the fucking birds to bind me to this young soul when he had only been born. His mother had noticed something. Had thought to get him tested but when she did I had always hid away allowing the boy his spotlight.

The sun peaked over the top of the building behind me and I groaned as it hit my back burning away my shadowy grip around the boys consciousness. 

No, I couldn't lose control. I needed to get back to the dorms before the boy came back confused. I couldn't though. Defeated by the sun I was pressed away into the back of this shared body.....

Well, waking up in a ditch isn't the nicest thing. Then feeling hungover without having had a spot to drink. Dragging my feet I looked around. It was very early morning and I was miles from the dorms. Crap. Had I gone sleep walking? I use to do that. Apparently I looked really awake also speaking and doing normal things but the fact I didn't remember must mean that I was asleep.... right?

Anyway, I had to get back to the dorms and change before class. Falling asleep in my day before clothes was something I did alot.

The End

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