Humans bore me.
They always have it so easy, taking everything for granted, small things like their souls and freewill. They complain about such mundane things, and they lack that certain edge that only Demon's possess.

I currently stood inside of a popular human club, watching them dance on the dancefloor and flirt with eachother while getting intoxicated on the foul smelling alcoholic beverages. I felt my lip curl in disdain but there was a small part inside of me that felt envious.
When was the last time that I got to dance like that? I sighed to myself and sipped at my drink slowly.
Wincing at the taste of it, I set it down and looked back out at the writhing bodies on the dancefloor. I looked beyond them to the club's entryway and immediately froze.
"It couldn't be..." I whispered to myself soflty.
He was here...the human boy with my love inside of him.
I started toward him, pushing dancing humans out of the way at the same time.
Tristan was crackling with dark energy as he stood there, scanning the crowd. He looked so...irrisistable, powerful and confident. A few females even a male or two, stopped what they were doing just to look at him and appreciated his raw beauty.
I licked my lips and walked even faster.
Suddenly his eyes landed on me and I felt my heart stutter.
His eyes widened in wonder.
I licked my lips again and continued walking forward with a seductive sway to my hips. Tristan strode toward her, shoving humans out of his way as well and then he was there. Close enough to touch, to kiss and caress.
I gulped and noticed that his breathing was as ragged as mine, his eyes taking in my every feature.
"Danika?" He whispered. "After so that really you?"
I smiled and nodded.
"Yes it's me." I said softly and raised my hand to caress his cheek softly.
I laughed in joy when he suddenly kissed me, pushing me backward until I felt my back hit a wall and all I could feel was the heat and taste of his lips on mine.
He pulled away and cussed under his breath.
"Curse this mortal form." He snaps angrily.
I walk my fingers up his chest and laughed.
"I kind of like it, I think it suits you." I said softly.
He laughed and and bit my lip between his teeth.
"I prefer my demon body. The blood-red skin and vicious foot long horns...the muscles no mortal form could ever achieve.
I shudder and sigh.
"Yes, that was some form..." I said dreamily. He grabbed my hips tightly and pulled me against him.
"Tell me, is my body still at rest in the cavern? Is it safe?" He asked me.
She nods.
"It's safe with Lucas." I assured him.
He relaxes. "Damn those feathered nuisances. If it hadn't been for them..." He trails off as anger burns bright within his eyes.
I placed a finger on his lips softly.
"Hush darling, we're together now. So let's have some fun with this body you're wearing until we can find out hot to put you back where you belong."
I grinned at him.
"In the meantime, let's dance." I whispered.
"Dance? Oh darling, there are many things that I would like to di with your body but dancing isn't one of them." He said and nibbled on my shoulder.
I giggled.
"Just one little dance...and then you can do what wish with this body of mine." I said with a come hither look at him.
"This body has two feet." He grumbled but lead me toward the dancefloor.
I laughed again and twined my arms around his neck.
"Aw c'mon it shoudln't be that bad." I said and started dancing.
Tristan chuckles softly as he wraps his hands around my waist.
I sighed in bliss and lay my head on his chest.
"I have missed you Tristan, my love." I whispered.
"How long has it been Danika? About two hundred years?" He asked as he places small kisses along my neck.
I smiled.
"About that long." I sighed and tilted my head back to look him in the eyes.
"Come back with me." I pleaded softly.
"Come back?" He asked.
"To Hell." I muttered.
Tristan sighed but tightened his hold around my waist.
"You know I can't Danika. Those feathered morons bound me to this body. It would be his choice to let me go hime."
I frowned and took a step away from him.
"Then make him let you go home!" I snapped.
"Dankia..." He groaned. "You know it doesn't work like that."
I sighed. "I know Tristan, I just want you back." I mumbled.
"Well for tonight you do." He said and kissed me again. I surrendered myself to the kiss happily and fought not to dwell on the thought of him leaving me again. He pulled me off of the dance floor and backed me into a corner where he deepened the kiss. Desire pulsed through me abruptly, stealing my breath away and muddling my thoughts.

He pulled away and grinned down at me.
"Do you remember the day we met? The day Lucas created you, and as one of his circle, I was there; watching. You looked so beautiful bathed within all of that blood."
I shuddered and let out a shaky breath.
"Yes, I remember that day. The look in your eyes...such a hungry, hungry look it was." I said in a cracked voice.
"I had to hold myself back from taking you as mine right there." He said as he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. "I miss seeing your true form Danika."
I bit my lip.
"I wish I could show it to you again." I said softly.
"There will be a day when you will." He said and kisses slowly.

                                                                  *          *          *

I felt my heart breaking into a million tiny little pieces.
Watching Tristan with that blonde from the café felt like a thousand swords had been stabbed through my midriff, leaving me breathless and gasping like a fish out of water.
Who knew that heartbreak could hurt this much?
I knew I couldn't handle it...not for long. I ad to confront Tristan about it, but how?
How do I say to him that I had followed him around all night and sat in the back of the club, watching as he had his fun with that pretty blonde?
He'd never forgive me. But I'll never forgive him either. He betrayed my trust and stomped on my fragile heart.
Tristan was my everything, my light in the darkness, that sweet lullaby that gave me the sweetest dreams.
Now, all he has given me are nightmares and bittersweet memories.

With tears rolling down my face, I turned and left the club to walk home with the sharp tugs inside my heart getting harsher and harsher with each slow and tortured step I took away from the one man I had ever come to love.

The End

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