The Dark SelfMature

Heading off to my class I found that girl on my mind instead of Darsha which made me feel guilty. I quickly pulled out my phone texting her about how much I loved her. She quickly replied and I found myself relaxing a bit as we text as I walked to class. 

Soon enough I reached class and settled in for my lecture. I was a bit tired to be here and I found my eyes closing a little. I couldn't fall asleep though. If I fell asleep during the day bad things happened in my sleep. It was worrying and I thought often to see a doctor but I didn't want to learn what it was. I was scared to learn what it was.

So the moment the lecture ended I decided to head back to my dorm and rest. I needed to rest that was all.....

The moment his eyes closed I took over catching his body so it didn't fall. Danika was here. She was here. I had seen her through the eyes of my human self and found myself unable to break through. 

It would of caused problems though with Darsha. She was a nice girl. Very fair and so pure and as a demon I did like that sort of thing. Although I wasn't a complete demon. Not since I got cursed bound to the disgusting bloodline of the men in this family.

I hated having to compete with a human half. I hated this human body. I was so weak like this so stuck and without power. I needed to be back with my Lord Lucifer or Lucas as all his underlings called him. Except the shadows. Those slimey things that sucked the souls out of humans to leave an empty shell that was available for demons to use as slaves.

Anyway, now I had control of this feeble form I was going to have some fun. I turned on my feet and headed south towards the town where the nightlife was. Something should be open and that was most likely where I was going to find Danika.

The End

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