Out of the corner of my eye, I snuck another look at the female that seemed to have caught Tristan's attention.
Unease slithered up through me.

She was pretty, with her perfect body and clear blue eyes and I noticed that she seemed to be watching Tristan in interest.
I fought the urge to glare at her.
Looking away from her, I noticed Tristan looking at her again and jealously pinched at me abruptly.
"Can't you at least pretend to be looking at me?" I asked him softly. He snapped his gaze back at me and blushed.
"I'm sorry?" He said. I gritted my teeth together and nodded over at the female that seemed to be watching us with an amused look on her perfect face.
"You're staring at that girl while I'm sitting right here Tristan, it's rude and insulting." I snapped at him. I grabbed my bag and strode toward the door of the coffee shop.

"Darsha, wait!" Tristan hollered. He caught up to me and placed his hand on my arm.
"I'm sorry, I really am. You know I only love you." He whispered to me.
I could myself melting at his words. I bit my lip slightly as I studied him.
His eyes were looking at me with a pleading look in them. I let out a sigh.
"I just don't like it," I told him softly. Tristan looked away as another blush painted his cheeks.

I knew that I was acting like a child, but seeing Tristan looking at that made a darker side of me raise it's ugly head and snarl in protest. I liked the idea of saying that Tristan was mine and mine alone. I wasn't will to give him up to some pretty stranger, I wanted to fight for him, because of how much I loved him.

"Let's go back to our table." I said with a smile. Tristan smiled too and lead me back to our table where we sat talking about our classes and what we wanted to do for our next date.
I suggested dancing, he wanted to stay in and watch a movie.

We shared laughs and lingering kisses, words of love and promises. It was a moment of perfection, as it always was when I was with Tristan. The feelings I had for him made my heart stutter in confusion, it was all so surreal and beautiful.
At least it was until our little bubble of happiness burst wehn he announced that he had another class to go to.
"I'll see you soon." He said with a smile and after a quick kiss he was gone.
I smiled and sat back down to sip my coffee, and when I looked up to watch him walk past the window, I saw the female trailing after him with an odd smile on her face.
Huffing in frustration, I stood up and strode outside to follow her.
But she was gone.
Turning in a slow circle, I tried to spot her. But she was nowhere in sight.

The End

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