Tristan Fray - Chapter 2Mature

The coffee was hot burning the tip of my tongue before I swallowed it quickly. The chatter of people around was loud. I was waiting, patiently I may add, for my girlfriend who, as I checked my watch, was almost half an hour late. I blamed it on her tutor for English. Every time I had met her after that lesson I had found that perverted man peering down her top as Darsha read the text completely blind.

My hands tightened around my coffee as anger burned through me quite strongly. I blinked then shook my head trying to rid myself of the dark thoughts. I heard the door to the coffee shop open and looked up to see a girl who caught my eye. Her icy blue eyes glanced at me briefly with a hint of interest and I felt a strange hunger roll through me that I didn't understand.

I was so busy gazing at her that I didn't notice Darsha come in. "Tristan?" her voice said bringing my gaze away from the other girl. Which is when I saw my girlfriends offended look. Shoot.

"Hey" I smiled as she sat down hoping maybe she would let it go. Worryingly I saw her glance at the girl then me with a questioning gaze.

"Who is that? Do you know her?" 

My heart sunk a little as I realized I would have to come up with an explanation of which I did not have one. "Um, no, I was just.... Sorry" I said and gazed down into my cup ashamed. 

Darsha frowned at me and then went to get her drink leaving me to scold myself for gazing so shamelessly at another women. Staring at her with a hunger that could be inferred as lust. How though? I did not know this women how could I lust for her? She was attractive but her blond hair put me off. I didn't find blond hair all that attractive. Then the way she sat so confidently and her way of gazing around the room.

I yanked my gaze back to my coffee realizing I had started to stare again. Also strangely my breath was ragged and rough. I felt angry. I felt a fire burning in the depths of my chest which felt welcoming yet also fiery and aggressive.

Darsha returned to her seat across from me and I looked at her with the gentle hazel eyes that always contained such kindness it made me catch my breath. I reached across the table taking Darsha's hand within my own rubbing my thumb over the back of her hand. "I love you" I whispered.

Darsha flushed a little. A hint of pink on her cheeks barely breaking through her tanned skin. "I love you too, Tristan" she whispers quietly peering down into her coffee embarrassed.

Yes, I did love her very much.

The End

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