"Danika, I have an assignment for you." Her boss announced from inside his office.
Sighing, I stood up from the leather couch I sat upon and made my way into his office.

The office was decorated with dark colours and creepy looking furniture. My boss, whom most know as Lucifer or Satan but everyone down here knew to call him Lucas; sat twirling a letter opener in his hands. I slowly sat down opposite him and watched him warily.
"You have an assignment for me?" I asked softly. He chuckled and handed me a photo with a name written on the bottom of it.

"Katrina Adams?" I asked out loud. In the photo Katrina seemed to be staring off into space, her eyes were a deep blue that seemed to be accentuated by her jet black hair and sharp feminine cheekbones.
I looked back up to Lucas. "Why her?" I asked. He grinned a malicious smile and put the letter opener down.
"Her father made a deal with the wrong person and didn't pay up, so this is me taking my payment." He stood up and walked over to the huge cabinet and picked up a small glass vile. He examined it in the light with a smile then strode over to me and held it out.
I took it from him and frowned down at it.
"What's this?" I asked in wonder. Lucas chuckled and knelt down beside me.

"This is a magic vile that will hold up to ten souls at a time. It's very handy. All you do is pop open the lid and place the vile against their lips, their soul will then creep out and go straight into the vile and stay there unless it was to be released by either you or me." He explained to me with a wide grin.

I felt my own lips twitch into a small smile and got to my feet. "You want me to use this on Katrina Adams?" He nodded and sat back down behind his desk.
"Please don't make a mess Danika, the last thing I need is curious humans poking around in things that don't concern them." He said in exhasperation.
I blushed at the memory of my last mission and nodded jerkily. "Yes sir." I whispered and backed out of the office.
I squared my shoulders and strode off to locate Katrina Adams.

                                                                               *     *     *   

"mmmrf..." Katrina Adams mumbled. I stared down at her and fought the urge to wince.
It turns out that by taking their soul with this vile didn't kill them, but left only an empty shell behind.
I shuddered and backed away from Katrina while clutching the vile to my chest. Katirna stared at me with empty eyes and a blank look on her face.
I quickly spun and run from her apartment.
As I burst out on the street I took a deep calming breath and pocketed the vile.
I felt a sense of relief that it  had all gone without a hitch, but the sight of a living breathing human being nothing but a shell made my gut twist. There was something horridly wrong about leaving a human like that. But why should I care?
I'm not human, never have been. So why did I feel a sort of empathy for her?
I scoffed in disgust and walked along the near empty street.
The were always perks to being a demon but those perks were so few that it made me forget why I was meant to enjoy my job of making the humans beings on this miserable planet suffer.
With a sigh I stopped walking and looked into a small coffee shop and immediatly froze in shock.
Sitting infront of the window at a small table was a young male, looked to be in his teens, with short black hair. But it wasn't his appearance that held me captive...
No, it was that dark tinge that resided within him. A sort of evilness that lurked within the very depths of his soul.
That evilness suddenly writhed, pecking and clawing for a way out but the boy remained oblivious.
A sob hitched out from my throat.
I knew what that evil taint was. I thought that I had seen the last of it years ago, but there is was...
My long lost love was still alive.

The End

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