Paul was climbing a tree.

Not very successfully. Perhaps he wasn't very practised at the art. Perhaps he was short for his age. Perhaps I am writing this because it is such a phenomenon for Paul to be doing any exciting activity.

Not exactly unoriginal, was Paul. Paul had plenty of originality. But Paul had a ... different way of expressing himself.

He was demure, and short-legged, quiet and what many are wont to describe as a bit of a pushover. He needed managing.

Poor Paul. Climbing trees was not in his nature.

But it was necessary in this case. Paul would not climb a tree for fun. It was merely to escape the street gang: Mitzi and her club of seven-year-old holy terrifying rioters.

Paul was ten. But he was short and easily intimidated, and he lived in the slummish areas of town.

Once again, poor Paul.

The End

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