Laila- Escape?

Laila looked around herself. the soldiers were burning everything. One man with a strong looking face approached her with a slip of parchment in his grasp.

"Do you recognize this man?" Laila swinted at the faded painting, and shook her head. The man stared at her for a moment, as if trying to read her mind. She just stared right back at him. He grunted and turned away. Well, he was scary, Laila thought as she tried to reach her horse. She struggled to get on once more, when she spotted something. A man in torn clothing in an alleyway, sneaking with a very proud looking horse. That's the man that the rude guy is looking for! Laila watched his movements carefully. He was struggling to get on his horse, Must be his leg, he must be pretty injured. After he finally got on the horse, he rode quietly towards the rude man that was talking to two people, a girl with light hair and a boy with dark hair.

If I were to escape, I'd escape now... But if I leave in a hurry the armored people would get suspicious. Laila didn't want to go back, but if she didn't go back at all, she'd be hunted until they found her. And then kill her. She sighed, and put her horse in the stables, which luckily wasn't burned down.

The End

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