Laila- Disguise

    I have such a headache, right now... Laila slipped on one of her disguises, a brown dress, tall boots with two straps to hold a small dagger. As she unpinned her red hair and let it flow down her back. Tonight, she had to ride to a different village for some things that needed to be done. Maybe, I'll create a conspiracy, she smiled and walked out the door. Zib helped her onto her horse, and handed her a necklace with a small flower on it. She raised her eyebrows. "Just for luck, incase something bad happens to you, " he smiled and smacked the behind of her horse before she could "question"  him.

Soon, she was in the village, gathering information as best she could. Apparently there was a stranger in town whose name is Darik. No one knew where he came from ro why he came to this village. It is quite small, she thought as she strolled over to the town stables to get her horse. As she untied her horse from the stable, a rucus was getting started outside. Laila climbed onto her horse and trotted out into the street. There were men in strange armor grabbing villagers and talking to them roughly, then shoving them back into the streets when they answered or didn't answer.

Laila snapped the reigns to ride away, but a man in armor rushed to her and grabbed her horse. Acting terrified, she alouded herself to be herded to the center of town with the rest of the villagers. The men were searching the houses and inns for something.

Or someone, thought Laila.

The End

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