Ekavir - Pursued

"Darik," he lied. As much as Ekavir wanted to be an honest friend to these honest people , he had a vengeful uncle and half his army on my tail. He couldn't afford to leave his name everywhere.

She smiled, "That's a nice name. I--"

There was suddenly a sharp cracking sound, causing a dizzying pain to shoot through his leg. He grunted, chest heaving as he tried to calm his panicking body. He knew his leg would eventually need to be put back in place as he'd badly twisted it but his efforts weren't enough and he finally gave in, letting the blackness take over.


It took his mind awhile to register where he was at again. There was a thatched roof above him and a soft cot beneath him. The room was furnished with shelves full of knick-knacks and a window on his left bathed the room in an orangish light from the sunset.

Sunset?! He sat up with a start, remembering his pursuers and the time he had just alloted them to catch up. The motion caused his leg to suddenly smart and he cried out. In that instant it all came back: the medicine lady, the girl with the fascinating silver hair, the blacking out.

There was a soft creaking as the door on his right opened. He turned his head to see the girl again. What was her name? Asara? Amara? No...there was an l in there somewhere.

"You're awake," she smiled. She crossed the room and set a small platter on the bedstand, "Umiah wanted to make sure you got dinner."

The warm smell of cooked vegetables and fresh bread reached the weary prince and he grinned, "Thank you."

"So, Darik," she pulled up a small stool and Ekavir smiled as he took a piece of bread. It was obvious he wasn't the first traveler they'd taken care of; she seemed an expert at trying to make strangers feel welcome.

"Where are you from?"

He took a bite of the soft goodness and chewed, buying himself time to come up with a safe answer. Vagueness, he decided, would work the best here.

"A kingdom a few weeks from here."

"What brought you here?"

Another one he'd have to wiggle out of. He frowned in thought for a moment but a shriek from outside interrupted him. Both him and the girl jerked their heads towards the window in surprise. She slowly got up and approached it. A sharp gasp escaped her and, unable to just sit there, Ekavir limped his way over to the window as well.

His heart sunk to his feet. Soldiers were charging into the villiage, breaking through houses and turning over street stalls. In their mad search some interrogated locals while others threatened with torches.

Ekavir's eyes narrowed, "They did."

The End

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