Apsara - The Stranger

Apsara arrived at the scene just as the stranger fell on to the ground and began to laugh. Tarlock, the village's leader, stopped behind her. He was a young man in his early thirties. He had a muscular build and looked as if he could kill someone with his bare hands. His dark green eyes always showed his hidden smile at all times. He raised an eyebrow as he watched the stranger. He leaned down to Apsara.

"I think this one must have hit his head one too many times." Tarlock muttered with a very amused voice. Apsara couldn't help but smile at the comment.

"And I thought I had problems." Apsara replied still staring at the stranger. Though his clothes were worn and torn you could still tell they were expensive. Where had he come from? 

"Hey!" Umiah's voice screeched, interrupting their conversation. "Will you two buffoons quit smiling and help me out over here?" Apsara felt her smile vanish as she limped over to the stranger. She began to lean down to help him up when she felt something grab her arm. "Oh no you don't young lady. Not with that leg of yours."

"Umiah, it's been almost a year since-" Umiah cut her off with a wave of her hand.

"No. Go inside and get the room ready." Umiah said firmly. Apsara opened her mouth to protest but turned it into a sigh. Umiah gave her one last look before turning to snap her fingers at Tarlock. "Get him inside but watch his leg." Apsara went into the house as fast as she could and made her way into the spare room where Umiah kept her patients.

She moved the sheets and pillows in the way she had done many times before. Shortly after, Tarlock entered with the stranger. Umiah followed behind. Apsara helped Tarlock as he laid the man on the bed then set to work.

"Apsara grab the bandages from the cupboard along with the Balm of Gilead, Saffron threads and the Hyssop." Umiah ordered as she pulled up the man's pant leg so she could see the brake better. "And get me some sturdy sticks I can use to splint this leg!"

"On it." She went over to the medicine cabinet and located the herbs then limped back into the room.

"Apsara, I need you to keep him occupied. This is going to hurt." Umiah said, not taking her eyes off the leg. Apsara nodded and walked to the other side of the bed. She sat on the stool that was always kept there. 

"Hey, my name is Apsara. What's your name?" she asked with a smile once he'd made eye contact with her. She was surprised he hadn't passed out yet. There was a pause before he opened his mouth to speak.

The End

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