The sun was sinking down past the horizon. It was almost time. Laila silently pulled out her steel tipped arrows. She was crouched on top of a building, scanning the dirty roads below.

He should be here by now... A man walked, alone, across the road. Fancy clothes, silly hat. Yes that is him. She pulled back her arrow, but something stopped her. The man just dropped dead. Laila's eyebrows went together in confusion. Brushing back her hair, she waved a mirror to make a light from the moon. Far off, another small mirror flashed back twice. Laila sighed and lifted her quiver onto her shoulder and hopped down the rooftops.

"Yes, I know that one was yours," said Zib, "But he was just right there infront of me!" Laila glared at him as best she could. He just smiled and said, "You're getting better at that, Lai. The glaring," She rolled her eyes at him and gestured toward the horses. Zib helped her onto the horse, she was a little too short to do it on her own.

"Right, let's go."

The End

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