Paths of Destiny

Come join the adventure as five friends fight for their lives and the lives of those they love to return the rightful heir to the throne!


Apsara closed her eyes as the wave of wind blew gently by her and pushed her rainbow dress. She stood in Tanveer's public wheat field. She was supposed to be working but the warm sun and the cool breeze distracted her. The Cresent Forest lay not far ahead of her. Every time she saw that she was reminded of the day she'd been found. Dao told her they'd found her unconscious with an arrow piercing her right thigh. It had caused damage to her leg so she was always limping now. The saddest part though was the fact that she didn't know how she'd gotten there. She couldn't remember anything before waking up in the village healer's house.

She closed her eyes and tried to search her mind. The only thing that always appeared was a blurry, smiling face. She could tell it was a man but she couldn't remember his name. Who was he and why was she the only thing she could remember? His face was kind which made it all the sadder. What if he was looking for her right now? What if he thought her dead?

"Apsara!" a female voice yelled behind her. "You'd better start working or you're going to have to find somewhere else to stay!" The voice belonged to good Ol' Umiah, the town healer. Apsara had been staying with her since they'd found her but only if she was able to work for her room. Umiah wasn't a bad person once you got to know her and Apsara knew she would never kick her out but Apsara went back to work anyways.

"Sorry Umiah!" Apsara called back with a hidden smile.

"You'd better be sorry! I don't know why I keep you around." Umiah grumbled and Apsara had to stifle a laugh. She picked her sickle up and was about to cut down the wheat when she spotted something in the distance. It was a lone rider.

"Umiah!" Apsara said without taking her eyes off the rider. "Look!" she pointed.

"I wonder who that could be..." Umiah said coming to stand next to Apsara. He wasn't far from them. "No one comes to Tanveer this time of year."

"Do you think we can trust him?" Apsara asked, taking a step back. Umiah shrugged.

"Go back and tell Tarlock. I'll greet the stranger." Umiah said walking forward. Apsara took one last look before running to the village.

The End

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