A place to go?

You can’t really hide. You should try and remember. Use every fiber in your make-up and force yourself to shake alive your mental state to the way it was. Harden the outer shell that protects your inner being; but never encrust the naïve splendor that lies at the very core of each and every one of us as we move forward towards to the goals set out before us.

The path you take is for you to choose. Let the waves wash over us. Don’t shake off your destiny. Remain that child within. Being a classic comes in many guises. Some attain it with silver and gold and worldwide acclaim. For others, it’s far simpler and presents you with every color in the rainbow.

When Erin finished reading the paragraphs she had written for her assignment to her classmates, she looked up from her trembling pages.

There was a deathly hush.

The End

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