Past,Present and Future

We all believe in a Past,a Present and a Future. We call it a fact but there is more inside it then we really all think.

Once something is in the past,it's gone. It has existed but exists no longer. Therefore,we shouldn't worry about what happens in the past,should we,because it's no longer necessary in the world. So don't worry about the past. It's no longer needed. Although,most of the memories you have are probably things you want to remember.

Present is what happens now and you know what they say,Life is What you Make of It. So go to extremes and do things you've always wanted to because you only have one life. So take a chance once in a while to do something creative and crazy. Present is the most important part. It's the time to live.

Future is leaded by expectations. You want to become a successful something or do something important for a job. Or your parents might expect you one day to work in their business to carry on the family trade.It's best not even to think about the future until you get to it.The only thing that wants you to make your life go quicker is expectations. LIVE LIFE NOW!

The End

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