"Hm." I said absentmindedly. "I like it." I sat down, my back to the tree behind me.

"Are you going to untie me, or not?" she asked. I waited a moment before replying, not in a hurry.

"Impatient, hm?" I asked. I sighed. Caution, I warned myself. It has served me well before, and I know... my thought was half-formed before I finally sighed again, and slowly started untying her. I was tensed for her to try and attack me again, despite my gut feeling that she was smart enough to leave me well enough alone.

"So?" she asked. I shrugged as I busied myself gathering a few plants from around the area. I could feel her gaze on my back, almost like a burn.

I came back, and lay them down on the ground. Taking a flint and steel from my pocket- old-fashioned, I know, but I had no care for matches or a lighter- I gathered a few dry sticks and some dead foliage.

I struck the flint a few times and finally got a nice spark to ignite a fire. "What are you doing?" Nyx asked.

"I'm going to get us some food, boil some water to-" I stopped abruptly. "And you are not moving from this very spot, hear?" She pointed a finger at her stomach, and I laughed. "You're not dumb."

"I guess that's the best compliment I can get from a Night Crawler, isn't it?" I shrugged, and bounded off into the depths of the forest to find some food.

The End

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