Neil: But I'am

Thump in goes the knife.  I fall down bleeding heavily. It was hard to hear through the blood pounding  in my head. It was part of rapid healing I guess. I must look quite dead. I thought seeing the girl changing her enemy.  The night crawler girl climbs up the tree.

" I won't trie to kill you." The night crawler girl says I could barely hear them.


" You lived to long under the impression eveybody here is trying to kill you."

I get up without bending any of my limbs with a mighty dark look on my face.

" That's good becuasue I'am going to kill you ,and I'm going to enjoy torturing you while I do it." I say as my pupils slit. The rapid healing had made me rather hungry, Making my Night crawler instincts take over.

My claws apear as she throws another knife , the claws intercept it and it falls to the ground. I disapear in a flash of an eye. 

I cackle "where am I little human. Not scared I see ,thats good."  A flash of a knife flys towards me. I easily dodge and slice the girls abdomen and disapear agian. She held the pain in well.

" Better than I thought this is going to be." My voice echos ominously. 

The girl nightcrawler appeared in the tree , and tried dropping a boulder on me. 

I walk out of the way.

" So whos side are you on?" I ask hoping she would be on the humans side.

The End

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