I throw my knife at the male Crawler. It flies through the air and sinks into his chest. He looks at it, confused, then drops to the ground. I yank it out and turn to the girl. I've never liked killing girls, but you know, if someone's trying to eat you... Though she doesn't seem intent on my death right now.

"I came from the other side of that forest," I reply, my voice wary. I've learned not to deal with Night Crawlers. That was what changed my brother, Ran. He is a Star set, that much I know, and he will not answer to that name now. 

"I suggest you leave before you go the same way as your friend," I add, glaring at her. Having golden eyes can be quite useful, it's a rare eye colour and disconcerting to look at for any length of time.

"He's not my friend, and I'm not leaving till I know who you are. My name is Autumn, I am a Star set," she says.

"I make no deals, crawler. Deals got Ran changed, and gave me these," I reply, brushing back my wet hair aside and turning my head to show the three six inch long scars that run down the right side of my face and neck. I hear her gasp, and drop my hair.

"My name is Nyx, I do not deal with Night Crawlers. I kill them," I say, watching her warily as she walks to stand in front of me. I lock my golden eyes into her emerald ones. The one who looks away first loses.

The End

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