I looked around wildly with my green eyes. I am a Night Crawler, but I'm... good. I don't have anything against humans or other Night Crawlers, but both of them have a thing against me. The evil Night Crawlers, well, I'm not like them, and they don't like that.

And I barely even like humans. Lots of them shoot at me, or try some other method of killing or torturing me. Which is why I hide.

I've always had great fondness for trees. They easily hide me, and I've learned to climb all manner of different types. Some have different types of branches, spaced a different intervals, or their bark is of a different texture.

And I thought I heard someone else... I thought for a moment, and finally decided to drop from my perch, high in the branches of a blue spruce. I shimmied down the trunk, and finally landed at the bottom.

I saw a dead body, human, and I could see that whatever confrontation that had happened was over. I looked at the human. He was definately dead. I sighed, then noticed footprints in the soft loam.

I ran after whoever it was. I could hear them ahead. Finally whoever it was, slowed. I jumped up into the branches of a pine, and jumped from tree to tree, the other person below. Then, they stopped.

I looked down, finally, and saw someone staring straight at me. Night Crawler.

"Hi." I said. "Care to explain the body you left back there?" I jumped down from the tree, my nearly waist-length, debris-filled brown hair flying around me, and before he could answer, someone came hurtling through the trees, and after running into me, she jumped back and drew her knife.

"Ah!" she said.

"Ay!" I said. "Where'd you come from?"

The End

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