Neil: Can't go out without a bang.

I land on my feet quietly my enemy a human with a death wish. 

" Come on Night crawler. You can only dodge so many bullets." He says angrily feeding a clip into his hand gun. 

Claws appear in my hands my pupils go from human to slits. It was time to be a predator. In two swift steps I reach the human  and rip his gun from his hands , and slice his shoulder open. He falls to his knees screaming. I didn't mean to completly disable his right arm. He is now bait for the proper night crawlers.  He groaned and rolled in thrashing on the ground in pain. I forgot mention my claws have burning affect. 

" Hey buddy, I'm not hungry. They're two choices. I can make you one of us ,an your chance of survival goes up , or I shoot you with your own gun. I don't think getting eaten is a choice." I tell the human.

" I'd rather die....."  Bang  I shoot him then drop his handgun. 

" Then become one of you." I finish his sentence. I turn around swiftly making my Dark long hair fly upwards. Revealing my bright purple eyes. I wear a black jactet that stops slighty below me waist , and dark pants. I'm not sure if it has to do with being a night crawler to prefer black but when I was human I remember red was my favourite colour now its black.  I'm pretty sure I'm a werewolf , but something tells me slitted pupils make me different.

The End

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