I pull the knife from the Crawlers heart and look around at the other five with my golden eyes narrowed. The silver blade in my hand is blackened with blood, I can tell it worries them. But like all Night Crawlers, hunger comes before anything else. This calm before the storm won't last long. I have to act fast. I slide the knife back into the sheath and run. This would normally be an extremely bad idea but I know what to do. I run through the forest, the Crawlers following me like hunting hounds, until I reach the Silver Lake. I plunge in, dive deep below the surface. They won't follow here, they fear the water of this lake, it's one of the only things they do. I swim across the bottom and climb out the other side. My silver streaked black hair hangs limply down my back, but I barely register it as I continue running.

I run right into someone and bounce back, drawing my knife as they turn to see who- or what- I am.

The End

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