I walk along the pavement slowly. I can hear them behind me.

The Night Crawlers, non of them good.

"That's her" I hear one whisper.

"Should we attack or call?" the second asks.

"I'm hungry" the first whispers. I hear them both chuckle.

I take off. It takes them by surprise and it takes them a couple of second to begin running.

Which is all I need to pull out my gun. I turn my black slightly blue hair flying round my wildly. I train my piercing black eyes on them and fire.

Two shots.... perfect.

They fall to the ground and I shove my gun back in its holster inside my black leather jacket.

I smile slightly than begin on my way once again.

I need to find them. Group Eclipse, a Star set.

Most of them will be young.

Ha, all Night Crawlers are.

The End

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