Being different in the Night Crawler's world is deffinetly not a good thing. Especially for Midnight.
She's done with running, its time to fight.

Night Crawlers are different depending on the person.

Three rules to stick to if you're human and you meet a dark one.

1. Don't run, it will only make things worse. They enjoy the hunt and the chase.

2. Do not make any deals with them they are very smart and know every trick in the book even though there oath is there soul. They can not lie and can not go against there oath but they find ways to avoid it.

3. Do not let them bite you. One bite will turn you if you don't die from a ripped throat and snapped ribs first.

These are the rules all human's must stick by if they wish to survive.

But Night Crawlers aren't always dark there are a rare few called themselves the Star set.

This gives them the freedom to roam day and night. Doesn't mean they aren't any less dangerous and its easy for them to turn back to the dark again. Just one dark act and thats all they need to be bound forever to the dark.

The End

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