Jackpot On The.. Spot 2/2

"Heads," said the man in contentment and holds out his hand for the money.

"Man! How am I suppose to play with Dick now?" Jack asked Harry.

"Oh well. Desperate times for desperate measures." Harry replied, headed to the nearest coffee table that was placed randomly in the middle of the room. He placed his brand new snake-skin boots on it and took out a fifty dollar note out.

"I thought you said you didn't have any."

"Yeah, I know what I said. I have this money when I have no other alternative, but since it's for you, my friend, I'll take my chances."

Jack was relieved. He could not back down from a challenge such as Dick's and Harry had saved his life. Jack's countenance creased with joy and said, "I'll get your money back, man."

"Yeah, yeah." Harry rolled his eyes.

They walked back to the table. Harry took the seat where he was sitting on previously and the bank dealer started shuffling the cards. He took his time while doing that before sharing them to Dick and Harry alternately.

Harry spread the cards in his hand in a way that only he and Jack could see them. He put his back on the chair, showing that he was pleased with what he had. Jack almost believed that Harry was going to win they way he was lying -- if Jack had not seen what he was holding, of course

"Are you sure what you're doing?" Jack asked with uncertainty. Even though they knew each other and the fact that Harry had a great reputation as a gambler, Jack had never seen the man play and so had his share of doubts. How was he going to turn that terrible hand into something good? Not even Jack could pull out that stunt -- except if he had something up his sleeve.

"Of course I'm sure. I'm no fool. I got this." Harry replied turning his attention back to his hand.


After a long and tiring game of changing cards, putting more on the table -- Harry had to put his life at risk since he had nothing left -- it was time to reveal their cards. Dick conjured a smirk on his face and says, "Three aces and a king."

"Oh man!" Harry slammed his cards on the table.

"What? Didn't you say you got this?" Jack shouted at Harry, although he was expecting this outcome in the first place, hoping that the rumors were true.

"That's what happens when you don't have the pokers talent." Dick said in a mean apologetic tone, rising his hands mid-way.

"Wait! Are you telling me this isn't go fish?" Harry said; astonished.

Jack smacked his hand on his forehead; he was lost for words. Whoever spread the rumors about Harry was going to die by his own hands. Dick started laughing out loud and asked, "Is this guy some kind of joke?" pointing at Harry.

Jack ignored the question and looked at Dick straight into his eyes. Jack was furious. Nobody will make a fool out of him. Not Harry, not Dick, not anybody. "Look, why don't we settle this outside, you pompous Gardener Clown? One on one. The traditional way?"

Without a second thought Dick accepted the challenge, hoping to get back on what Jack called him.


Everything went so fast

Everyone went outside into the darkness, not wanting to miss the fight. Only the lamp posts were lighting the area which was adequate for them to see it. They stayed out of range where the shooting was going to proceed. It was a rare occasion for them. In fact, only when Jack went to the Saloon did something always happen that had to do with bullets and gunshots.

When everyone took their positions placing their bets, Jack and Dick took out every bullet from their guns and replaced one back. Their backs were touching against each other as they started to take ten steps away.

They were fast players, but very good at it. After they took those ten steps, they spun around and fired. With only one shot they both hit each other. Jack shot Dick in the shoulder and Dick only left a graze on Jack's arm. 

Jack won.

The crowd was booing at Jack. Obviously, they had bet for Dick to succeed in this profession. Luckily, Harry was the only one who bet on Jack, earning himself one grand. He walked up to Jack and gave him the money, "Let's play," he said encouragingly.

Jack gave Harry his fifty back, turned around and shouted behind him as he walked away, "I'm gone to get myself a strumpet. Play by yourself." 

Jack found one and took her to his room.

The End

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