It felt odd being home. Like it wasn't my home any more. It didn't mean anything to me. Nothing. 

I stood there, staring up at the looming building. Would my parents even have missed me? My mother hadn't noticed I'd gone when I had last called. I loved her I really did. But she wasn't my family. I had found my family now. They were my home. I wasn't home here.

I took a deep sigh, and knocked on the door. Minutes later, it opened to reveal my mother staring at me. Her eyes were red, like she'd been crying. My heart fell, and I pulled her into a hug. 

She had missed me. She had known I'd gone. She cared. She cared.

She cried gently on my shoulder, and I hugged her tightly. She was mumbling things, but I couldn't make out the words. 

"Mum..." I whispered, pulling her away. " I'm back now." 

A confused look crossed her face. 


I stepped back, horrified. I stumbled, and anger flooded through me. She wasn't crying about me.

"I.. I need to tell you." She said between sobs. She started telling me about her affair. How dad had found out. But I didn't take it in. She wasn't my mother. She never had been. 

"Mum." I said again stopping her.

"I love you. I really do. But I can't be here." I whispered. I turned round, and ran.

I ran as fast as I could. Images of the blood, and the war flashed through my eyes. And death. Jade's death. How my heart had stopped then. How my skin had turned ice cold, and my whole life had fell to the ground. I was nothing without her. 

And that was where I was going. She loved me. She wanted me. 

I turned into a bird, and flew high into the air. It took my hours and hours, with regular breaks to rest till I finally landed on her doorstep. The sun was shining on my back, and I glowed inside. Nothing could part us. 

When I realised she wasn't in, I didn't give up. I waited and waited, till finally I saw her. She was laughing with her brother and she looked so happy. Finally I felt at home. 

I turned into a snake quickly, ready to surprise her. 


"Stay back Jade, it looks hungry,” Her brother said, holding her back. I slithered towards them as I heard him say“Don’t move, don’t breathe,” 

“What’s the big deal it’s only me!” I shouted morphing into human form. She squealed and jumped up towards me. I held her tightly in a bear hug breathing in her sweet scent and I relaxed. Tears fell from my eyes as I held her close to me. 

"Jade.. I couldn't leave you." I whispered in her ear. I placed my nose on hers and stared into her eyes. She stared back, and I noticed her dazzling eyes were watering. I could feel her breath on my lips. 

"How? How did you get here so fast?" She asked me. I laughed.

"Don't worry about that. Just kiss me." I muttered. 

And I pressed my lips onto hers. The world seemed to spin. Nothing existed other than me and her. Blood pumped through my body, and I pulled her closer. My hands brushed through her hair, as her tongue caressed mine. We melded together as one.

Someone coughed and we broke apart. I turned round to face her brother, my cheeks heavily blushing.

"Erm, sorry. You must be Max?" I asked, putting my hand out. He looked at me with wary eyes then took my hand grinning.

"I am yeah. You're Jake I'm guessing by the look of that." He said, and he laughed.

"Got my two favourite boys, the Black Ones are dead, and the sun is shining." Jade laughed, walking into her house. 

Max followed her, and I after him. As I entered the door, I noticed Jade's ruby on a small table. Picking it up, visions of the others flashed through my eyes as I remembered all that had happened. I didn't need my parents any more. I had my family and it was in the form of Luke, Ellie, William, Lucinda, Ben, Eve, Marc, Zoey and most importantly Jade. 

I put the ruby back down, and placed my sapphire with it. Then I followed the others into the room they'd gone in leaving the two stones to shine in the sun together. 

The End

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