“So where the heck have you been lil’ sis?” Max wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked up the path. I took his hand and stopped him on the porch; I looked up deep into his eyes,

“If I were to tell you something, which you could never possibly believe, would you still want me to tell you?” I asked him, he furrowed his eyebrows,

“Yes.” He replied after a moment,

“Okay, well it started that time I went on a date with Zack…”


“I don’t believe it.” Max stood up from the porch step,

“I’m not asking you to believe it; I’m asking you to accept it.” I said plainly, he smiled,

“Right. Well I accept you’ve been away to somewhere which isn’t exactly real,” he smirked, “I’m going to go upstairs and say something, tell me if you can hear it,” I smiled,

“Don’t try and test me,” I folded my arms, “Oh and you have a mosquito just about to bite you on your arm,” Max’s hand flew to his arm and he started to swat,

“Ouch, it got me!” he yelped, “I’m allergic to bites!”

“I did warn you,” I grinned, he rustled my hair,

“Oh what did I do without you?”

“I don’t know, I’m just looking forward to seeing the state of the house,” he punched my arm, rolled his eyes and then walked inside. I followed after him,

“Oh by the way Jade, Zack has been on my case each day every day, I managed to persuade him not to call the police,” I stopped in the hallway; to him I was still his girlfriend. As much as I felt guilty for leaving him that night on our date I knew I’d never like him as much as Jake, I had to end it with him.

“Oh,” I replied,

“I want to meet Jake, you know do the whole Father job on him, interrogate him until he cries,” Max said enthusiastically, “hang on Jade, why are you crying?” Max asked, I wiped my eyes,

“I don’t know, just so much has happened, I guess it just all caught up with me. You know I died this morning…”  I trailed off as Max hugged me, his friendly loving brotherly hug.

“You’re home now, safe.” He said soothingly. I pulled back,

“I know. And for the record I still want you to meet Jake, he is the best!” I grinned, “You’ll literally love him,”

“I hope not,” he smiled, “I don’t think I could live up to you as competition,”

“Do you think I have time to see Zack?” I asked,

“I’ll come with you; I don’t want you to do a disappearing act on me again.” Max said getting his flip-flops; I knew that wasn’t the reason. As much as I loved Jake, Zack was part of my life, I’d known him for ages, been out with him longer than some married couples can stand each other, it was going to be tough. I’d need support when I was back in the car.

Max pulled up, “I’ll wait here,” he said, I nodded and got out. Walking up the familiar path which I’d been up so many times, I stopped at the door and took a deep breath.

“You can do it Jade, think of Jake.” I said to myself and knocked, seconds later Zack opened the door, he couldn’t speak for a moment as he spluttered,

“Jade…you’re….alive?!” he then dove onto me and hugged me so tight I couldn’t breathe. Moments later I was hit with questions, “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call me? I was so worried, did you not even care? That night at the restaurant you just disappeared, did someone hurt you?”

“Stop.” I said, “I haven’t got time now to tell you it all,” looking at my beautiful Zack I didn’t feel as plain compared to him, I used to feel inferior but now, with Jake in my life, I felt equal. “I’m here to tell you it’s over.” He blinked,


“It’s over, between us,” I said slowly, he breathed out slowly.

“Did you meet someone else whilst you were away?”

“I did. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened,” I winced, he shrugged,

“Fine, I only thought we were destined for each other, I was in love with you, no biggy,”

“Don’t be like that!” I complained,

“Like what?”

“Don’t be all indifferent, you know when I get back into that car I won’t be able to stop crying.” 

“But Jade, I honestly thought I was going to grow old with you, we’ve been best friends for years and a couple for four, doesn’t that count for anything? You’ve known this other dude, what? Two months!”

“We’ve been through so much together and he’s different, I’m one of the only people who can understand him. And he’s English; you know I have a thing for English guys,”

“So you won’t see him again?” Zack asked hopefully,

“He’s a millionaire, and he’s got a certain private taxi service,” I said thinking of Luke.

“You like him because he’s different and he has money? God Jade that’s so shallow, so not like you!”

“The money has nothing to do with it, nothing at all! I love him with all my heart because he is the most truthful, decent, loving guy I’ve ever met,”

“Gee thanks,” Zack said closing the door in my face.

“Stop!” I put my hand out and stopped the door, “Can we still be friends?”

“I don’t think we can,” he said. Suddenly the world began to whirl; it was like I was travelling with Luke, then next thing I was looking up at the sky. I’d fainted, I hadn’t eaten in hours.

“Crap.” I said. I heard Max running down the path and Zack helped me back up.

“Hey dude,” Zack said to Max,

“What did you do?”

“She just fainted,” Zack said,

“I’m fine, I just need some sugar,” Zack took me and Max inside; he sat me down and fetched me a glass of coke. Max stood next to me looking somewhat uncomfortable, Zack sat down next to me and took my hand, I pulled away, he sighed.

“It’s like this Zack,” I said finishing the coke, “In movies and stories you always hear about love at first sight and soul mates, but I thought in reality those types of things didn’t exists. I used to believe only in movies did someone fall for someone is one day, but Jake allowed me to realize true happiness is real, on this very planet…”

“You mean Atlantis, which isn’t technically on this planet,” Max interrupted,

“Shut up,” I growled, “He is my soul mate, my best friend and the love of my life,” Zack nodded,

“So there is hope for me?”

“So much hope, you will find the perfect girl and when you do, you’ll know,”

“I thought I knew with you,” Zack complained,

“You’ll know because she’ll feel exactly the same way,” I smiled and got up, “I’m expecting a call, I’ll drop by sometime,” I said hugging him goodbye, “Come on Max, let’s get home, I’m exhausted.” Max put his arm around my shoulder and we walked back to the car.

“How are you?” he asked,

“I’m actually feeling good, and I think by the time we get home we’ll have a visitor,” I grinned. I could hear footsteps as we pulled into the drive, I raced out the car and round into the front garden, there was nothing there, apart from a snake crawling along the porch.

“Stay back Jade, it looks hungry,” Max said, I obeyed, the snake came right to my feet, “Don’t move, don’t breathe,” Max instructed,

“What’s the big deal it’s only me!” Jake said morphing into human form. I squealed and wrapped my arms around him; this was where I wanted to stay. Forever.

The End

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