I watched as Luke disappeared, I couldn't believe it was over... I couldn't believe we won. But I still didn't know... I still didn't know where Tommy was.

I glanced around and made my way towards the hill, I hadn't told Will earlier but when we had stepped through the hole we had ended up in my home town. I stopped in front of the head stones and blinked tears away from my eyes. I didn't want to stay any longer. I turned around a walked back towards the town.

It was getting late and there wasn't many people on the streets, I walked up to the block of flats and walked up to the third floor. I sighed and reached up towards the lamp that hung above the door, feeling for the key that I kept taped there. I walked into the house and was struck by the smell of a musty atmosphere, I pressed the switch and watched as the lights flickered to life. Moving on through the flat I went into the small lounge and picked up the phone that I had left on the table that day, the ring tone chimed as I turned the screen on. I had 17 new messages and 25 missed phone calls, most of them from my boss. I flicked through the messages to the newest one,

You're fired!

I sighed and walked into the bedroom, falling face first down on the mattress. I coughed as a small cloud of dust rose, I guess I was on my own again. I looked back at the screen and debated whether or not to call William, I didn't want to make it seem like I was some kind of baby. I needed to sort out my life first, I needed a new job mostly. I went out of the door, locking it behind me, and walked down the stairs to the first floor and strolled over to the notice board, scanning my eyes over the various adverts and job offers. Something caught my eye and I picked up a green sticky note, it read:


10 PM, go to the hill and look at the graves!


I looked around but no one was there, I then glanced at the clock above the notice board, 9:45 PM!

I made it to the site at 9:55 PM, I glanced around, no one was there. I walked up towards the graves, something was stuck on the grave that was Tommy's. I bent down and looked at it in the fading light,

Hey Sis, Don't forget me, got it?

See you around. Tommy xx

The End

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