I hated goodbyes, more than I hated the Black Ones. They left me feeling so empty I knew I wouldn’t be myself for weeks, it happened when my brother left and now this time, it was even worse. Zoey came up to me and I swallowed hard,

“I don’t want this to be all mushy,” she stated, I nodded in agreement,

“We’re going to see each other again,” I promised, “And we’ll still be together, no matter what,”

“The truth is Marc, I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else,” our goodbye was interrupted by Jade forcing everyone to write down their addresses, I wrote down my address and Zoey did too.

“Well, I guess this is a farewell for now,” she sniffed, 

“I will miss you,” I smiled sadly, “Are you crying?” I asked, with that I pulled her into and she let me hold her, even with her height she had nothing on me, I towered over her.

“I will see you again, yes?”

“Of course,” I secured my promised with a French kiss on both cheeks and then kissed her fully on the lips. Seconds later Luke interrupted, I held onto her tightly and then let go, a tear fell down my face but I didn’t hide it.

“You are one of the kindest people I have ever met….and my greatest friend…and…I love you,” she whispered, I felt touched as I leaned back in for another kiss.

“And I you, Zoey,” I replied,

“Will you call me?” she asked,

“Why wouldn’t I?” I grinned still with tears in my eyes, “Will you call me?”

“Yes,” she laughed. Suddenly she was gone and I was left standing alone. I shivered involuntarily and seconds later Luke appeared in front of me,

“Right,” Luke sized me up, “This is going to be harder than I thought,” I was taller than him and probably heavier too,

“I guess I’ll just hold on tight,” I shrugged, Luke smiled and took my shoulders in a manly hug, “Toulouse,” I said, and we arrived.

“Here, done,” Luke smiled, “Hey look man,” I turned to him, “Come and visit me,”

“Sure, why not? I’m already going to visit Zoey in the US, why not you too?” I grinned,

“Awesome, I don’t want to lose touch,” he smiled and I hugged him once more. I then turned and walked down my street,

“Marc!” Andrea ran up to me, “You’re alive!” she cried.

“Oui,” I replied, I really wanted to get home,

“Where have you been? You look taller, darker, more handsome,” she cooed,

“Andrea, I have a girlfriend, and I’ve just got home, go away,” I spat in English, she looked confused,

“Une petite amie?”

“Yes a girlfriend,” I replied, she took my hand,

“But Marc,”

“No,” I replied and pushed her away pacing down the street to my house. Mother was sitting outside on the porch, when she saw me she smiled.

“I was wondering when you’d turn up,” she said calmly, she reached under her chair and brought out a box. “Just next time stay in better touch,” she threw it at me, I undid the paper and saw a phone. I smiled, I hadn’t been allowed a phone, I hugged her,

“You’ve gotten big Marc,” she said from below, “Taller than your Father even…” she paused, “Your Father who is here,” she took my hand and led me inside. My Father stood up and looked at me, I blinked and couldn’t believe my eyes, I rubbed them.

“But Harriet said…” I trailed off, “How can you be alive?” my parents both look confused,

“Patrick?” I asked, he smiled at me,

“Hello son,” I ran to him and hugged him tight,

“Dad?” I asked,

“He’s been travelling; I had never really told you much about him.” Mother began, “He’s from South Africa,” she explained.

“And I’m back for good,” he said, “And to add to the suprises I'm back with my daughter, she's called Charlotte and I hope you'll become great friends," He smiled as my sister came into the room. She looked at me and round her neck was a silver chain with a Turquoise gem on it. She had beautiful long dark hair, enchanting blue eyes and naturally red lips, she flicked the hair from her face and beamed at me. 

“Hello Marc,” she said, “I think I know where you’ve been,” she grinned holding the stone in her hand. I knew right from the moment I saw her, she was one of us.

The End

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