"I love you, Ellie," Luke said softly stroking my face, his touch like fire on my skin.

"I love you too, Luke." I buried my face into his chest breathing in his scent one last time. Luke looked at my face, remembering every detail. My short blonde choppy hair, my deep brown chocolate eyes. Then his lips were on mine, quick but sweet.

"Tomorrow night," Luke promised then he vanished. Just like the other times.


"Zooeyyyy, Jjjadde, Willllllliamm." I murmured sleepy. "Bbbennnnn, Lucccindddaa, Marrrrcc."

"Shh Ellie." A soft voice said close by.

"Jjjakke, Evvve." I was waking up but my voice was still gorgy, until I said the next name. "Luke? Luke, Luke don't go Luke!" I woke up fully then shouting, sweat dripping down my face.

"Ellie its ok, shh, you're safe." It was Bradley voice that was trying to calm me down.

"Brad-ley, where are they?" I asked.

"Your friends they home. And your home and your safe." Bradley's arms held me in a tight hug. "And I love you." He whispered.

"Love you too, Uncle B." I kissed his cheek. "Bradley what about dad, what happened, Carnaxa." He pulled me back so he could look at me, then he took a deep breath and let it out.

"Ellie, I. erm. I know this will be hard on you, after everything that has happened to you."

"What is it? What did she do, she called me saying left or right... which...was which? Bradley tell me."

"He's missing Ellie, last night I know that he came into your room. But this morning he was no-where to be seen. When I came in to check on you, you were half awake, then you fell back to sleep." Bradley explained to me.

 Wow talk about heavy sleeper, then again I probably needed sleep. Finding stones, cooking for ten teenagers, learning to fly, getting to know new people- one almost certainly, working as a team,death threats, sucked into the ground, kissing in the rain, fighting for your life, seeing and hearing strange things like your mum that was dead and of course saying good bye to your friends, your other soul mate. Yes that could really take a lot of a girl.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"One in the morning, but you've been on and off. Always saying the same name." Bradley raised his eyebrow at me.

"O' erm well. Hmm yep. Luke?" Then we both laughed and hugged.      


"Here you go." Bradley said casually a few days later, dropping a blue envelop on the kitchen side.

"What's that?" I asked putting the peppers into the frying pan.

"Open it." He shrugged. I wiped my hand clean and picked up the blue envelop, opening it.

"What is this?" I said talking to myself rather then Brad, reading the information, and then gasping. "O'my goooood! Bradley, how did you? I can't take this."

"Yes you can, you seventeen tomorrow. My birthday gift to you," He came over and hugged me. "Go and see you American boy, Pixie Ellie."    


The End

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