Patrick was dead. Even when I was save and sound with the rest that sentence kept ringing in my head. I sat at the kitchen counter. I wanted to save him! I tried! Tears came to my eyes again and this time they didn’t evaporate. I made no attempt to wipe them away. I felt just like the nerd who had run into an empty bathroom stall after being beaten up. It felt just like that. I slammed my fists on the counter. The counter dented and I stared at my scaly fists. Freak, I screamed in my mind. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was a strong hand. I looked over my shoulder and saw my father. He was standing in his shredded business suit. I looked into his brown eyes. They were glazed with tears of his own. He just said,


And then we hugged each other like we did when mom was alive. Sobs wracked us both but we held on to each other. We were a family again. After a minute we stopped crying and he looked into my eyes and said,

“I’m so sorry I haven’t been there for you. Ever since mom died I… you just reminded me of her! I will never forget the lesson I learned to day. You are my son and I love you. I will never let you be alone again.”

It was a landmark moment in my life.

Then we got the news that it was time to fight the final battle. I steeled myself I needed to end this. My father was alive to me now. I would end this for him and maybe for a certain sparkle eyed pixie haired girl. I got paired with her, pretty, gorgeous Eve. When she saw me in the lawn of the safe house she ran up in a blur of speed and nearly tackled me with her grateful hug. I inhaled she smelled so good. Girls always smelled good. But it wasn’t a time for smelling I went over our battle plan with her. She would distract with her crazy speed and I would nail from behind. It wasn’t very honorable but the concept of honor was so ridiculous right now. I would use anyway I could to kill these guys.  


The battle at the park was intense. But in the end it was our teamwork. The Black Ones were once again to arrogant. But my friends worked together with every part of the attack. Eve and I spotted Atlantis she was gravitating everyone. I started to circle around the trees and Eve started to sprint at her. Eve was so fast, a blur over the green grass. Atlantis desperately tried to trap her and finally managed but the distortion of gravity was so great it cracked the ground. That was my opening. I burst out of the trees and smashed Atlantis into the crack. She screamed and lost her hold on the gravity it decided to go back to the way it was, the crack closed with her in it with a sickening sound of body being crushed together.


I checked to make sure Eve was ok and then I looked at Hercules. He was desperately trying to get the Black Ones to work together. When he saw me his face twisted with a snarl of hate.  He started to say something but I was completely phased out. I was focusing on how to kill him. Analyzing him. Then I saw it the switch blade he tried to kill dad with it was hanging from his belt. Hercules launched a massive blast of force at me. I was ready for it. I hugged the ground. It reminded me of Zoey throwing a tree at me. The blast still shoved me back two feet. I scrambled to my feet. And ran at him. He launched another blast. I twisted to the side. I kept coming. I was relentless driven by the single purpose of ending the existence of this alien who threatened everything I hold dear.


Desperately he threw more and more wind at me but I kept coming gaining a little ground every time he attacked. Finally I drove at him. We went down in a heap of struggling limbs. I hit every surface of him with every thing I could. Scaly knees, elbows, fists, and even my forehead. His hand went for his pocket to get his switch blade. He wasn’t fighting as desperately as he would if he knew that there was no resurrection this time. I Brought my fists down on his eyes. He screamed in pain and lashed at me with knife. I grabbed the blade with my scaly hands. It snapped off. I didn’t say any clever lines or play any games I simply drove the blade home. Straight into the middle of his chest. He smiled at me. But the smile quickly turned to a frown as he realized he was not going back to the other parallel. With a terrible scream he exploded in a blast of green light. It was over Hercules the resurctor was dead.


I stood up and looked around the battle was over all the rest were dead. I saw a blur and Sparkle Eyes ran up to me and hugged me again. I broke the hug and called to the others and they affirmed the battle was indeed over. Back at the house I learned Harriet had died, I hoped she was happy with Patrick somewhere in heaven. We were all kind of partying and laughing. So happy the long adventure was finally over. Sparkle Eyes was sitting next to me she was happy and smiling. Smiling always makes girls prettier. It was against my judgment but I couldn’t help myself. I clear my throat and put on an indignant face. “Sparkl- I mean Eve.” She looked up at me. I continued, “I kinda feel a little ripped off.” She looked confused and frowned. I grinned,

“You’d think someone who saved your life would get a little more then a hug.”

I panicked for a second already berating myself for my stupidity of thinking that a girl like her would possibly like a loser like me. Then her face broke in a huge grin and she leaned forward and kissed me.  It was so amazing her lips were soft and warm and it was just breathtaking. I always wondered how you kiss someone back but then I realized it comes naturally. It was one of happiest moments of my life. I wished it would never end. But it did and I crashed back to reality with Jake’s laughter.

“Hypocrite!” he cried, “You are such a hypocrite!”

Eve and I pulled away blushing I scaled up to hide it but it was a little obvious. I suddenly wished Hercules were there for an excuse to fight. I looked at Jake and tried to think of a come back. But I just shrugged and said, “Yeah.”

And I kissed my Sparkly eyed pixie girl again.


 Sorry if this chapter is out of sync but it took alot of work and I don't have the heart to change it all I've been working on it for over an hour. 

The End

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