Darkness enwrapped around me and I knew my time on earth was over. Why couldn’t I just have run away? Why did I have to let her kill me? On some level I knew that I hadn’t moved away because of Jake, I’d never see him again, death would be better than that. I had never even comprehended the possibility we could meet up. I knew my parents wouldn’t want to pay for plane tickets to England every day, and that was the only way I could have survived, seeing him everyday. I knew Jake was a millionaire, not proud of it, but he had told me and offered to buy every plane ticket I needed. Suddenly I wanted to turn back time, I was dead and I’d never see Jake again. He’d marry and have children with someone else, hold his wife and kiss her passionately and that wife wouldn’t be me, he’d probably forget me as his memory faded and soon it would all seem like a dream. He’d have no proof of events. I saw a light and blinked as it overwhelmed me, I took a deep breath, it was time to enter the supernatural. Heaven.

Something seemed to pull me back, away from the light into the darkness, I tried to reach out and pull myself towards the light again. I couldn’t. I was being pulled into Hell. I screamed but no noise came out my mouth. My eyes flew open – even though they already were – and I saw a group of nine people all looking down at me, each face I recognised and loved. And one face which I adored, his eyes lit up and he pulled me into the tightest hug, I suddenly felt whole again and I kissed his chest.

Time passed all too quickly and suddenly we were saying our goodbyes, I ordered everyone to write down their contact details, I wasn’t letting anyone slip from my radar. But as organised as I was I wanted to spend every last scrap of time with Jake, I walked up to him as Luke began his shuttle runs, I blinked away my watery eyes. He looked deep into my eyes and I into his, they were so dark and held secrets which he would only share with me.

“Jake when I thought I lost you I couldn’t…” I choked up on my words, a lump in my throat the size of Jupiter stopped my voice, my eyes welled up and I began to cry. My legs went weak and I couldn’t even stand, he caught me and guided me down to the grass, he pulled me closer and stroked my head,

“I never want to lose you,” I cried, he laughed quietly,

“You won’t, do you really think that could actually happen? It’s like we’ve been programmed to love each other,” he began, “I couldn’t imagine even looking at anyone else, it hurts just the thought of being away from you, it hurts so bad I feel as if my heart might stop beating,” I held a fist full of his shirt and pulled him closer, I couldn’t get enough. “If there was a way to say ‘I love you’ even more stronger I’d say it, I wouldn’t stop saying it.” I grinned into his chest.

“I love you with all my heart, and I promise to love you for the rest of my life,” I began; he stopped me by kissing me, so passionately my mind stopped working. I was lost in Jake.

“We haven’t got all day,” Luke grinned, I ignored him, but Jake pulled away,

“We haven’t,” he agreed, “But you and I have the rest of our life, today is just the beginning,” he stood up. “Alright man, take me home,” I stood up too, I felt as if we’d hardly even said goodbye. “I will book a plane to Australia as soon as I get home; perhaps even get a season ticket there. You can visit England too, perhaps even see my mansion, plus the great side is my parents won’t even know you’re there, you can stay as long as you want,” I nodded and smiled,

“I love you,” I called as they disappeared. My heart picked up a beat as I was left standing; Ellie came over and put her arm around me,

“You know this isn’t the end.” She whispered, “It’s just the beginning.”


Moments later Luke appeared and seconds after that I was standing outside my house in Australia,

“Neat crib,” Luke grinned,

“Oh, hey Luke?” I called, he turned,


“Come visit whenever you want, maybe bring Jake?” he laughed loudly,

“We’ll see each other again, and don’t worry Jake’s already on my case, I’m booked up,” he laughed again,

“Jade, is that you!” footsteps and a hug, “Who’s that? Who’s there,” my brother was looking at where Luke had just been standing,

“No one Max, but I’m home,” I grinned at my older brother.

“I actually hate you, you don’t know what turmoil you put me threw, I was worried sick for weeks. And now you turn up all casual and like ‘oh hey Max, what’s up’!” I laughed, “I’m serious Jade, where have you been?” he demanded.

“Let’s go inside, I’ll tell you all about it.”

The End

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