"Hey, Ben," I managed to say.  I didn't want to leave him - I mean, he live's in America and I live in England, they aren't that close - and I guess the truth was that I would miss him.

It was odd. Supernatural forces had drawn us all together, ten strangers. Now after we'd al been through so much together, all of us, I don't think we'd ever forget each other, any of us.

"Don't forget me, please?"

"I won't, if you don't forget me," he replied. I hugged him.

"Hey, give me your hand," I said. I pulled a biro from my pocket and carefully wrote evietheapplegirl@hotmail.co.uk on the back of his hand.

"Add me on MSN when you get back to the US please?"

"Why did you write it on my hand and not a piece of paper?"

"You might lose paper. Fish boy can't lose his hand, can he?"

He laughed, and then Luke tapped me on the arm and told me it was my turn to go.

"Sheffield, England, please." He nodded and teleported.

Somehow we ended up outside my house. I was glad of that.

"See you!" I shouted after him, then I walked into my house.

"Hello?" I shouted.

"Eve? Is that you?" I had never been more happy to see Adam Eden in my entire life. He seemed to agree.

"Eve, you idiot! Where were you?! Mum and dad have been going insane!"

"I'm back now though."

"Yeah, you are." He hugged me. And then a familiar smell hit me and made me sigh.

"Adam, did you burn the toast again?"

The End

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