Zoey: Good-byes

 "Well," I sniffed, turning towards Marc. "I guess this is a farewell for now."

  He smiled sadly, looking deep into my eyes. "I will miss you." he said, emotion thick in his voice. "Are you crying?" he asked, bending over slightly and inching closer to me.

  I wiped my eyes with my fingers, but it only made it worse. In one swift motion, Marc put his arms around me, holding me close and rocking me back and forth as if to sooth me. A few tears leaked from my eyes. After a while I pulled slightly back to look up at his face, my arms still around him. "I will see you again, yes?"

  "Of course," he lightly kissed me on both my cheeks and then on my lips. "Whenever your in Europe..."

  I smiled, "I've always wanted to see France."

  "I will gladly give you a grand tour of the whole country if that is what you desire." he replied somewhat cheerily. 

   I laughed, "And if your ever over on my side of the Atlantic...."

  "Of course." he pulled me closer to him once more.

   "Zoey," Luke tentatively called me. 

   I gazed up into Marc's face, and he brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. "Your are one of the kindest people of I have ever met...and my greatest of friends.....and...I love you." I whispered. I had never told anyone I had loved them other than my family. But I feared I did love him...I loved him so horribly.

   He half grinned, leaning over and kissing me fully. Finally we pulled away from one another. I loathed that moment.  "And I you, Zoey." he replied most lovingly.

   "Will you call me?" I asked.

   "Why wouldn't I?" Marc half laughed, wiping his own eyes. "Will you call me?"

   "Yes,"  I giggled, and proceeded to embrace all the others which were left, their eyes sad and teary. I gave Marc one last hug, and he to me one last kiss, and I took Luke's hand, telling him my destination.

   The world whirled around me, and when it all came to a stop, a was standing in the lush front lawn of my house, still holding Luke's hand. He put his arms around me in a friendly hug. "I'll bring you to visit others, and vise-versa." he told me. "Being seperated by oceans won't seperate our team."

    I smiled, pulling back. "Thank you, Luke."

    "See ya later then." he grinned mischieviously.

   "Bye." I bid him, but he was already gone, melted into the wind.

    I put my hand in my pocket, grasping around my amethyst and pulling it out so it lay in my palm, sitting innocently before my eyes. This is how is all started.

    Was it all a dream?

    The sound of the door opening and shutting caught my attention, making me turn. "Zoey!" came my mom's scream. My whole family poured out onto the porch, racing to me. I raced to them, crying as my emotions spilled over.

     If this was a dream, at least it had a happy ending.  


The End

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