It wasn't easy fighting Atlantis, but I had my fish boy to help. And I was remembering my gymnastics lessons. That helped too.

I jumped and flipped once in the air to land on the other side of Atlantis. She turned to me again, teeth bared, her expression so full of hatred and bloodlust she looked more animal than human. If the Black Ones were human.

I felt her gravity control suddenly increase, and I couldn't figure out why. A crack appeared in the ground infront of me, widening fast.

"Oh, not this again," I muttered, stepping back as fast as I could.

And then Ben came up behind her and, in a not very Ben way, pushed her forwards into the crack. She let out a little shriek and then the earth closed up behind her.

"Thanks," I told him, then collapsed against him, tired out.

Five minutes later, I learned that Harriet was dead. She'd sacrificed her own life to save Jade's.

I wished I could have said goodbye. But it was too late. Right now, I just wanted to get some rest. And possibly a cup of tea. But I didn't think I was going to get either of those.


The End

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