I blinked a couple of times, the sun was glaring down onto the ground which was covered in a white powder... snow. I was sat on top of something and I looked down to see William smiling up at me, his light brown hair fanned out behind him. I blushed and got up quickly, I looked up at the clouds trying to mask the fact that I was watching as Will brushed the snow of him. He caught my eye and I blushed more and folded my arms across my chest,

"You cold?" William asked me walking over to where I stood, I shook my head and pulled my scarf tighter around my neck, burying my chin further into it.

"Come on, we better call Luke." I said quietly, William gave me a puzzled look but pulled the mobile out of his pocket.

"Uh... where are we exactly?" Will asked me, I gave him a look and pointed to the sign behind him, giving him another look.

"Luchshevo a village in Kemerovskaya Oblast’, Russia." I said.

I looked back round at the snow covered hill top.


I jumped and spun back round to see Will looking at the phone surprised at the sudden call.

"You going to answer that?" I asked, he grinned at me and flicked the screen open.

"Oh, Hey Marc!... Oh ok... yeah sure... uh we're in Luchshevo, Russia... Right yeah sure... Bye." He flicked the screen shut and said,

"Luke and Ellie haven't got their mobile so Marc is having to find out where everyone is." I nodded and sat down on the ground, William came and sat next to me.

"Hey you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine..." I muttered.

"Come on Lucy, I can tell your not." I blinked and glanced at Will, I opened my mouth to say something but just at that moment Luke appeared in front of us, stumbling slightly from the soft landing.

"Hi guys! We better go, everyone's waiting." Me and Will nodded.

"I can only take one at a time, so who wants to go first?"

"Can you go first Will?" I asked him, he opened his mouth to say something but I gave him a pleading look, he nodded slightly and I watched as they disappeared.

I turned back round, looking down the slope to see three headstones at the bottom, hopefully soon it would be only two.

"You ready to go Lucinda?" Luke said appearing in front of me,

"I wish you wouldn't do that!" I gasped,

"Yeah, Yeah!" He said putting his arms around me, the next thing I knew I was standing in a hotel room. I stumbled, disoriented, William held out a hand to steady me.

I listened as I heard that Patrick had sacrificed himself for us, how many more sacrifices would be made today? I thought quietly to myself. We walked over to Green Park and I felt William slip his hand into mine.

"Lucy, are you really OK? You're shivering." Will whispered to me.

"I'm just cold." I replied, moving closer to him. He wrapped his arm around my body a lifted my chin so that I was looking into his clear blue eyes,

"I won't let anything happen to you. You know that right?" I nodded and kissed him gently on the lips.

"It's time" Ben said, I looked as Marc started his thing.

"Up above!” Marc called; we all looked to see an invisible platform with each individual Black One on it. I watched as Hercules blew people away from a 200 meter radius. Hermocrates threw her arms in the air and a huge force field appeared around us.

"They're trying to trap us!" Ellie yelled.

Jade shook her head and said, "No, They're making this area invisible from onlookers." A huge lightning bolt hit the center of the park.

"It has begun!"

I stood with Will on the front line and watched as my copies ran forward attacking and helping. I suddenly caught sight of Solon from across the field, I felt myself tense and I tried to avoid her eyes but somehow we met eye contact. I felt the pain ripple through my body and I cried out in pain, falling to the floor. Luke teleported next to me and picked me up, teleporting me to the back line.

"You ok?" Luke asked me. I nodded and got back up to help fight, Jake was at the mercy of Solon, I wanted to help him, I knew how much pain he must be going through but I had to keep multiplying which was draining enough.

A couple of minuets later I saw Zoey sat on the ground and I went over to her,

"Are you ok Zoey?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Can you help me up?" I held out a hand and pulled her up, I saw Jade standing nearby. We were on a own at the moment, everyone else was cornering other black ones.

I saw Socrates standing alone and nodded to Zoey, she nodded back and we made our way over to him.

"Hey! Socrates! Over here!" I said waving my arms, I watched as he shifted his eyes onto me and started to advance on me, he looked at me puzzled trying to read my mind but there was too many me's and we were all linked, meaning there was more then one mind for him to listen to. I glanced behind him in time to see one of my clones grab him from behind, Zoey then went up and twisted his head until I heard a sickening crack. I looked away unable to watch and saw William facing off against Critias. I ran to his side.

The End

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