Hermocrates appeared out of nowhere. I'd just teleported Lucinda to the back of our side and began looking for Ellie. Carnaxa had attacked her and I needed to know she was alright. I spotted her flying above us and breathed a sigh of relief. Then Hermocrates was there smiling falsely sweet.

"Looking out for your precious Ellie, are we? Don't worry, I'm sure Carnaxa is taking good care of her as I will take care of you," Hermocrates sneered. I teleported behind her and kicked her in the back. She snarled and spun around. Something slammed into me and pushed me back. Damn! She could push her forcefields into me! I'd forgotten that in my 'lessons' from Patrick.

I tried to find a breach in her barrier. Easier said than done. At least she got a shock when I did manage to get around it. I hit her in the stomach then went for another kick. I'll give Hermocrates one thing, she reacts fast. She recovered and went for a counter attack so quickly I had no time to be shocked.

It was like a dance. She was no fighter because Hermocrates relied on her barrier too much. I fought well but she kept pushing me back with her barriers. It was a stalemate.

"Not protecting your sweetheart very well are you," Hermocrates taunted me, "I bet Carnaxa has burnt her to a crisp by now. It'll be your fault for not being there to protect her." I ignored Hermocrates. If anyone could take care of herself it was my Ellie.

"Thanks for the concern," I spat at Hermocrates, "It just melts my heart." Hermocrates chuckled.

"You have a lot of energy, shouldn't you focus that energy on helping Ellie? You promised you'd do that, Luke. Why are you breaking that promise?" She struck out and I barely teleported out of the way.

"Give it up," I advised her and tried to grab her. She dodged neatly. We were completely focused on each other. Neither one of us were backing down in our attack. Then she pulled out a knife and threw it at me. It sliced my arm and I cried out in pain.

"Didn't expect me to fight fair did you, boy?" Hermocrates laughed delightedly, she ran to pick up the knife.

I growled at her. My eyes flickered past Hermocrates for a second. Ellie was crying a little way away. My heart stopped. Was she hurt? What a dumb question. She was crying. Ellie looked up feeling my gaze. She saw Hermocrates and the knife. Then she saw my wound and turned from sad to murderously angry. Ellie stood up. We nodded to each other.

I turned my attention back to Hermocrates and lashed out. I timed it perfectly. Ellie had snuck up behind Hermocrates and knocked the knife out of Hermocrates hand just as I hit Hermocrates on the side of her head. I got Hermocrates in a headlock just as I heard Marc scream.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!" Everyone froze and turned to see what was happening. Dropides had killed Jade. Jake was in human form but I'd never seen him so inhuman. Marc reached out to grab Dropides. She fell. Zoey crushed Timaeus' skull. Eve and Ben were dealing with Atlantis. Ellie was about to hand me the knife when Marc called to us.

"Wait! Save her 'till last, she's keeping this barrier up!" I nodded and Hermocrates made one last attempt to break free but Ellie kicked her in the face. I grinned at Ellie and she smiled back, a small one but a smile.

"Luke, take Jake and William into Atlantis and kill off the other Hercules before he resurrects himself again," Ben said to me. I passed Hermocrates over to Ellie who looked positively gleeful to take charge of Hermocrates. I teleported a grieving Jake and William to Atlantis. I helped them to take care of Hercules then teleported us back. I went back to Hermocrates and Ellie while Jake dropped on his knees by Jade's body. Harriet was there.

"I knew there would be deaths. Jade meant a great deal to you all, she will never be forgotten," Harriet spoke clearly. Ellie was sobbing and a tear even escaped me. I watched Jake kiss Jade. I knew how Jake must be feeling. It could so easily have been Ellie that had died.

Jake stood and looked away from us all.

"I just lost my reason of existance," Jake's voice broke.

"No," Harriet murmured, "You just lost me." I looked away. somehow I knew what Harriet was going to do. The screaming began. Even Hermocrates eyes were wide and shocked. It stopped suddenly and I glanced back over. Ellie was nearing the others while I held Hermocrates. Jade was sitting up. I gaped.

"Harriet just sacrificed herself for you, Jade. She was the greatest alliance we could ever form," Ellie stated. I agreed. I thought again of the Harriet Ellie and I had met. If one died then the other did too. Wasn't that what we had been told?

"Let Harriet and Patrick never be forgotten," Jade said, eerily repeating the words Harriet had spoken over Jades body. I broke Hermocrates' neck and her barrier was gone. I moved to Ellie's side automatically. She touched the deep cut in my arm.

"It's nothing," I whispered in her ear, "Although there will be a scar."

"Where to now?" Marc queried.

"Home, we should return home. Take Harriet's body, we shall bury her first," Ben said. I agreed with Ben completely. I picked up Harriet's body.

"Where shall we bury her?" I asked quietly, "This world or Atlantis?"

"Atlantis," Jade finally decided, "Can you..? Do you mind teleporting her there and burying her?" I shook my head and Ellie put her hand on my arm.

"I'll go too," Ellie said. I smiled at her.

"Even if we are going home we should meet... beforehand," William said and Lucinda nodded. The others agreed too.

"Meet you back here then," Ellie told them. Then I teleported the two of us away.

The End

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